GAR was developed by Evolutionary Games in association with the Evolutionary Complexity Research Group. The game's dev blog is over here.

GAR 1.2 Team
  • Erin Hastings: primary researcher, cgNEAT technology, client and server programming, game design, 2D art, sound effects, Steam integration
  • Kenneth O. Stanley: cgNEAT technology, business, legal
  • Derick Janssen: client and server programming, game design, sound effects, Steam integration
  • Fabian Moncada: music and sound effects
  • William Bohm: additional models and 2D art
  • Max Kruger: UI art
  • Ryan Lessard: additional music and sound effects
Special Thanks
  • Matt Enright: additional help with Steam integration
Past GAR Contributors
  • Nathan Sriboonlue: BOIDs and AI flocking
  • Jaruwan Mesit: space blob soft-body model
  • John Martin: additional design, game balance, lead tester
  • Kristin Martin: additional file and database programming
  • Jonathan 'Zarcath' Chan: additional writing
  • Eric Iles: additional music and sound effects
  • JRWR: stats page, file hosting, forum moderator
  • FourTwoOmega: additional music, forum moderator
  • Stephen Abrams: server stats page